Marinal Family

Marinal family is rich with marine algae extract which contains many essential ingredients for intermolecular structure and healthy growth of skin and hair e.g. carbohydrates, amino acids, vitamins(A,C ,E,), lipids, mineral salts, iodinated compounds, antioxidants & important minerals (Zinc ,manganese ,iron ,copper ,magnesium ,calcium ,) .

Also it covers the hair and the skin with protective film from harmful environmental conditions and loss of water and gives emolliency.

The extract is available in many products:

Marinal skin cream:

•  Gives soft smooth skin.


Marinal hair cream:

•  Gives shiny healthy hair.


Marinal hair cream bath:

• For fatigued brittle hair and after dying and bleaching.


Marinal (shampoo-conditioner)

•  For normal and dry hair.


Marinal hair styling gel:


Marinal hair detangling spray:

•  For easy combing.



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