Medicated Soap

Septol Soap:

•  Powerful all purpose antiseptic.
•  Relieves prickly heat and sweat rashes for children and adults.

Scabinol Soap:

•  For scabies and pediculosis.

Dermacide Soap:

•  Acidic Soap.
•  Restores and maintains the natural acidity of the skin.
•  Used for mycotic skin infections, prickly heat, sweat and diaper rashes, acne, etc.

Dermacide Liquid:

• Acidic liquid soap.

Glycerin Soap:

•  For sensitive skin.

Jardenia Soap:

• Contains glycerin & honey.
• For delicate skin.

Boric acid soap:

•  General antiseptic.

Salicylic acid soap:

•  For infectious skin diseases.

Resorcine soap:

•  For greasy skin & acne.

Sulphur Soap:

•  For scabies & skin itching.

Carbolic acid soap:

•  General antiseptic.

Polytar soap:

•  For psoriasis and seborrhea.

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