Skin Care Products

Citropanthen Cream:

•  Multi–purpose cream that contains panthenol, zinc oxide, glycerin, irgasan, silicon oil &other emollients.
•  Soothes sunburns.
•  Relieves inflammation & redness due to swimming in sea.
•  Emollient for cracked and dry skin.
•  Soothes mosquito bites.
•  Lubricant for skin folds.
• Prevents sweat and diaper rashes & prickly heat in babies.
•  Relieves cracks in lactation.

Sacnel Cream, Soap and Lotion:

•  Remove excessive grease and clean the skin.
•  Combat acne and comedones.
•  Regenerate epithelial cells.

Neetoderm Cream:

•  Soft exfoliating skin cream.
•  Contains carbamide & polymeric beads. Carbamide is potent moisturizer, removes dried skin layers & is scar healer. The polymeric beads absorb water & when rubbed onto the skin & massaged they are ruptured & release their moisture content to the dried skin layers & after washed with warm water the skin become smooth soft & supple.

Dermaclean gel :

•  antiseptic hand gel Without water or soap or handkerchief .


Tanoderm Cream (sun tanning skin bronzing):

•  Gives even perfect natural looking tan.



•  Corn eradicator.

Citroneige cream with glycerin and lemon:

•  Emollient for dry skin.

Jardenia skin cream with glycerin & honey:

•  emollient for dry chapped skin.
• The honey have natural antioxidant properties. It protects the skin from wrinkles appearance.

Borolan Cream:

•  Greasy cream rich in vitamin F, lanolin and natural fats to give the dried chapped skin its natural smooth healthy feel.
•  Provides excellent barrier on the skin to protect it from harmful conditions and loss of water.


•  Deodorant for the body and foot.
• Contain Aloe Vera extract, panthenol and an antimicrobial ingredient.
•  Prevent redness peeling of the skin due to sweat under arm and between toes.
•  Mask malodor without blocking skin orifices.
• Potent inhibitor for microorganisms responsible for malodor.
• Give long lasting fragrance and refreshment.
•  Presents as spray, in different essences suitable for men and women.

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