Hair Care Products

Polytar Shampoo:

•  Anti dandruff.
•  For treatment of seborrhea and psoriasis.

Pantex Lotion: (Normal / Forte )

•  Tonic and antidandruff lotion.
•  Rich formula with vitamins, Aloe, sulphur containing amino acids, panthenol and other ingredients.
•  Nourishes and fortifies hair.
•  Gives luster and vitality.
•  Prevents brittleness and falling of hair.
•  Available in 2 forms, for dry hair and greasy hair.

Pantex Shampoo & Cream:

•  Both contain anti fungal active ingredient to remove dandruff without side effects.

•  Soften dry hair.

•  Pantex cream contains Aloe extract that nourishes hair follicles.


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