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dermatology conference

News Date : 2017-10-13

dermatology conference

 Part of the company's participation in the Annual dermatology conference

Conference No. 34 .. From 10/12 to 2017/10/13

And the Faculty of Medicine Mansoura University

Under the supervision of a selection of professors of the Faculty of Medicine

Dr.. Taymour Mostafa Cairo University

a. University of Mansoura University

a. Dr. Hosny Awad Cairo University

a. Dr. Ahmed Attia Cairo University

a. Dr. Osama Kamal Cairo University

a. Dr.. Abdul Rahman Zahran University of Alexandria

a. Dr.. University of Menoufia

a. University of Assiut

a. Dr.. Essam Nada University of Sohag

a. Dr.. Crown of the University of Minya

a. Dr. Abdul Aziz Al-Tawil University of Banha

a. University of Tanta

a. Dr. Mohie Al-Ghabari

a. Dr.. Hanan Fathy

a. Dr.. Fawzia Saffan

a. Dr. Maha Al-Jayyar

a. Dr.. Ibrahim Abdel Hamid

a. Dr.. Ashraf Hassan Head of Department of Leather

a. Dr. Ahmed Abdel Khubir

a. Shaima Al - Manji

a. Dr.. Mohammed Khalid

a. Dr.. Mohamed Gaballah

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